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A Quilt to Inspire

In February 2019, Dakota was delighted and honored to host 11 INCREDIBLE women from Costa Rica at Hotel Hamilton.

These gals had smiles that went on for days. They enjoyed every little thing about Missouri. The look on a gals face with a half an inch of snow on the ground! They were enamoured! It was beautiful to watch them find JOY in all of their new surroundings.

We rented a 15 passenger van and had the priveledge to tour them around Hamilton, Gallitan, Jamesport and even took a shopping trip into St Joseph. And the minutes and hours turned into unforgettable moments with these ladies! (and an adorable 3 year old and 2 very patient and loving husbands!!) I would do it all again, ten times over!!

Not long after they returned home, I received a message in my inbox "we sent a gift- hope you enjoy it". A few days later my favorite truck drove up the driveway and there it was. ENJOY IT?! I am OVER THE MOON! OBSESSED with this beauty!!!

They captured perfectly EVERYTHING that we did during their trip! Both of Hamilton's infamous water towers, the Missouri Star, a couple of Amish farms, the (little bit of) snow and them making snow balls and playing in it, the MURALS, the window of the machine shed!! And MISSOURI spelled out at the top has all of our "stuff". Yep- Mark Twain, dogwoods, route 66, and the Visit Missouri swirl too! SERIOUSLY?

And then the tears. Oh I squealed, I cried, then laughed and cried....then squealed and cried some more! It was a sight, but how could I not!!? This is one of the most amazing gifts EVER!

This quilt was their perfect way to SHOW ME their appreciation and how much they loved Hamilton. Did you know that Missouri is the SHOW ME state? Yes, that is right! SHOW ME, and they did just that!

And then the idea struck me...

They aren't the only ones that absolutely LOVE HAMILTON!! Why not open up the museum for an exhibit showcasing quilts from everyone that loves Hamilton? Invite all who love this town also, to create artwork that shows us exactly why this place is so great. So I combined the two and tada...SHOW ME YOUR HAMILTON quilt show/contest was born.

We are so excited to see all the quilts that you come up with. We are excited to have them on display in the museum and to have them be seen by thousands that come to Hamilton to partake in the goodness themselves. Watch for updates and a new post with contest rules and guidelines.

Now get those creative juices flowing and


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