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National Quilting Month

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

March is here and that means Spring is upon us and it's National Quilting Month!! Does it get any better than that!?!

We are delighted to be celebrating National Quilting Month with quilters from all over!!

A few ways that we want to celebrate YOU this month:

  • Admission to the museum during MARCH is half off!! Woohoo!

  • We are sharing your quilts on our social media. Email with your quilt photo (antique or modern) with its "story" and we will share it!

  • Contest celebrating our quilting mentors! Find entry information here.

  • Become a mentor to another quilter to be entered to WIN prizes! (See our Facebook page for details!

The museum is so thankful for you and all of your support. We are especially happy to see you thriving in your craft, sharing your talents with others, and encouraging each other to create! Thank you, thank you!

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