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Celebrating our Quilting Mentors

Most quilters will tell you that there was that special person; the one who encouraged them, introduced them, taught them their craft. We want to honor your mentors!

Please send us your story of your mentor and how they blessed you on your quilting journey!

We will share these stories on our social media channels throughout the month of March- National Quilting Month. The ones with the most likes, comments, etc will win prizes!!

Fill out this form to tell us all about your mentor to be entered to WIN!

All entries must be received by March 15th 2022. Contest will be voted upon using our social media channels thru March 30th. Winner to be announced on MArch 31, 2022

Now it's no secret that Miss Jenny Doan has a great influence on MANY of us on our quilting journey, including our Founder, Dakota Redford. We are so happy that she chose to share her talent and her sparkling personality- we all feel like her best friend!! Thanks Jenny

In addition to Jenny, Dakota's greatest quilting mentor is her mother in law, Jo Redford. Long before Dakota came to Hamilton, Jo made beautiful quilts for EVERYONE! As soon as Dakota expressed any interest, Jo was right there to coach, encourage, share stash and celebrate the small victories- including an actual first 1/4" seam!! Dakota owes a lot to Jo for many things- including her amazing husband! Today though, thank you for sharing your love and passion for quilting and helping Dakota ignite her own fire!!

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