2021 Quilt Shows

March 15 - May 15

"Show Me Your Hamilton" Gallery & Contest

How many times have you been to Hamilton? What does Hamilton mean to you? Show your passion for this bustling small town by entering the “Show Me Your Hamilton” Quilt Contest.  From JC Penney to Quilt Town USA and Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Company, Ha  see more...

May 16 - June 30

"Butterfly Trail" Gallery Show

Spring blossoms are blooming and the Butterflies are back in Hamilton Missouri! Our butterfly park is beautiful with thousands of flowers and butterflies. The quilts of the butterfly trail will astound and amaze you with   see more...

July 1 - July 31

"Land that I Love" Gallery Show

Red, White and Blue, the Stars and Stripes and our Founding Fathers. The United States of America is one of a kind. The Land that I Love gallery will showcase all that represents our patriotism and Independence as a nation. A    see more...

August 1 - August 31

"Women's Suffrage" Gallery Show

Votes for Women! Brought to the museum by the Dakota County Star Quilters, this gallery will educate and inspire! One of the greatest movements of the 20th century that made the 19th ammendment a reality is depicted through the art of  see more...

FALL 2021

"Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge" Gallery

 More information forthcoming....

Coming Fall 2021

September 30-October 30

"Youth of Hamilton" Show

November 1- December 18

"Christmas Creche" Show & Competition

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