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We are delighted to present a fantastic line up of exhibits for the year 2023.

We look forward to having you join us as we explore quilt history from the homemade quilts of 1840's to a quilt block made in space in the 2000's!   

With more than 30,000 square feet of exhibit space and 20 rotating exhibits, you'll find new and exciting with each visit to the museum. 

Show Me Gallery

Featuring Quilt Guilds across the State

February 28- May 6                 Quilts of St Charles County

May 9 - July 1                                 Magic City Piece Makers

July 5 - September 2                        Table Rock Quilt Guild

September 5 - October 28             Piney River Quilt Guild


Missouri Bicentennial Quilt

4-H Quilt

We are proud to be the home of the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt. This beautiful piece of art was created by quilters all over the state, each making a block to represent their county- all 114 of them! 

This exhibit also features the 4-H Quilt made in honor of the Bicentennial. 

In addition to these two quilts, we are delighted to feature each of these quilters and their counties, telling their stories and histories.

missouri bicentenial quilt_edited.jpg

Main Gallery

The Obsessive Quilter, Ann Peterson, will be featured in the main gallery March and April 2023!

It has been a couple years now that we have been patiently waiting for this day to come! Ann's quilts began arriving this week for her exhibit and we have all but had to catch the drool as we pour over them!


Ann is a National Educator, Quilter Extraordinaire and kind and giving person too!

We are so delighted to have an exhibit with her incredible talent gracing the main gallery at the Missouri Quilt Museum - starting 2023 off right!!  ...see more


Featured Gallery

In 2013 Dr Karen Nyberg was priveledged to live at the International Space Station, she was the 50th female astronaut. During her time there, she made a quilt block... IN SPACE!!  That fantastic idea launched the invitation to quilters all over the world in making their own star quilt blocks. These were assembled into 28 quilts in the Astronomical Block Project. 

Join us as we welcome Dr Nyberg and her personal artwork, as well as the Astronomical Quilts to the museum May 2-August 19.

PLEASE NOTE This event has been postponed. Dates TBD


All things JENNY

Did you know that Jenny Doan, of the Missouri Star Quilt Company has an exhibit room in the museum?  It showcases quilts from her personal collection or those of MSQC, and it changes a couple times a year.

We have featured quilts from block, quilts with all hand work, and her family favorites! This year Jenny is "Reaching for the Stars". Step inside to sneak a peak and learn to "Light the World" together

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