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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I can hardly believe the news I get to share! IT IS SO FANTASTIC!

You could even say it's MOVING!

You may have already guessed it. We finally have a working elevator!! Do you remember when we got the news that our elevator fundraiser was in full swing? All because of a wonderful and kind soul, someone just like you, a guest at the museum! She took it upon herself to see that we could get an elevator into our facility, and it's actually HERE and blessing oh so many!!

A quick (well maybe not so quick) recap.

In the later summer of 2021, a guest named Susan toured the Missouri Quilt Museum. When she arrived she found 2 young men, Jackson (12) and Charlie (16), running the place. They are the two youngest sons of our founders, Ryan and Dakota Redford. She was delighted to hear their excitement about the exhibits and taught her about a few of the artifacts.

While she was downstairs, Dakota returned from her appointment, and relieved the boys of their volunteer duties. Susan finished her tour of the museum and was suprised to see Dakota instead of those "wonderful young men", thanked her for the experience and went on her way.

A few minutes later she would return with an observation... "I didn't see an elevator" Dakota apologized profusely to which Susan replied "Oh no, don't worry, I am not being critical. I actually think I might be able to do something about that".

Susan went on to describe a trust that she was taking care of for a dear couple that had mentored her and loved her. Mike & Bessie Short had lived their lives dedicating everything they had to children. Bessie, was also a quilter, and taught MANY people to love the craft that she enjoyed so much. Susan loved the idea of the trust assisting the Missouri Quilt Museum in making the facility accessible to all people by adding an elevator.

A few weeks after she returned home from her trip to Hamilton, Dakota and the boys were sitting in the Costco parking lot when she discovered she had a voicemail from Susan. "Dakota, we just mailed a check for $50,000 to help with the elevator and the education program at the museum. I wanted you to know it was on it's way so you could watch for it". I shouted, and laughed, and cried!!! so many emotions!! What an absolute blessing!

That seed money was just what we needed to kickstart the project. We had some bumps along the way with installing an elevator in a 100+ year old building, raising the rest of the funds, and navigating exhibits in the museum around the construction. BUT it's finally complete and I couldn't be more elated!

Already, we have seen the incredible blessing that this is to visitors of the museum. The elevator has blessed mothers with strollers, women with canes or walkers, a couple of wheelchairs and a motorized scooter! I am so grateful for the goodness of God that touched the heart of Susan, for all of those that have come behind her and helped us raise the rest of the funds, AND for all those that can enjoy the museum that formerly couldn't! What a wonderful blessing!

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That so so amazingly fabulous! Barriers have been lifted for so many to enjoy the wonderful museum!


Wahooo!!! Congratulations! This is a museum that’s amazing and wonderful to see. So pleased that now no one will be unable to take advantage of the beautiful displays…and lovely volunteers! Exciting!!! 😁👍

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