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Portable Workhorse

There is no doubt that the sewing machines made at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries were absolute power houses. Made of cast iron, these machines were made with quality and meant to last. They can sew through multiple layers of heavy duty fabric. Think about those quilts with many layers of wool! No problem for these babies! They are up to the challenge.

There is one thing they weren't good at though... traveling from place to place. How would you enjoy lugging a 40 lb machine to your ladies quilting bee at the local church? Neither would I!! The answer to this conundrum was given when the Featherweight was created. A lightweight workhorse. And boy oh boy does she have a beautiful stitch.

Over the last ten years or so the Featherweight has become a very popular item again. Many quilters search up and down to snag one of these iconic machines. They are most known for those that travel full time (RV Quilters), for taking to classes or retreats, or even for collecting because they are so stinkin cute! There is a large following for refurbished featherweights painted in all kind of fun colors too. We have a beautiful yellow one in the museum!

Picture courtesy of Karen Miller of Redbird Quilt Co.

During the months of March - May, 2022 we will have Sarah Baker's exhibit of Featherweights that will give you the itch to jump on the collecting train! This collection of machines has a variety of years, accesories, and colors! Join us at the museum to admire these beautiful, hard working machines.

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