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Squeaky Clean

This is a fun little post for me, because well, I am a proud momma! I wanted to take a minute to shout out to Charlie (16) and Jackson (12) Redford for a job extremely well done.

Charlie and Jackson own a company called Maducky Soap Co. They make goat milk soap from a little kitchen spot at our house. They have a variety of colors and scents and different molds to shape the soap. They have buttons, spools, ducks, and little baby ducks, a cartoon mouse (yes, that one), building block shapes (like the plastic ones that connect to each other) and even the guy that comes with those building bricks. Anyway, a bunch of fun molds!

They sell on their own website and also from our gift shop too!

This past year they got the deal of a lifetime when Miss Jenny Doan asked them in early spring to make a bar of soap for her Christmas Box!! What a delight! They worked so hard an spent most of their summer preparing soap, pouring it into molds, packaging it and even harder than all that... keeping it a secret until December 8th of 2021.

Isn't it so cute?! These were a TON of work, but hopefully the lessons they've learned in running their own business was more than worth it!

We were so excited to see Jenny's video showing everyone the soap. We are so thankful to her and her willingness to take a chance on these boys and their little soap company.


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