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70+ years of combined instruction

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

In the journey of every quilter, there is a desire to learn more, to challenge their skill level and to expand their capabilities. We have assembled the perfect instructors to help you do just that!

Our classes are offered at all skill levels.

Each class is set up in a fun and easy to learn environment.

​Our classes are rated by one, two or three spools to show level of difficulty.

ONE SPOOL - I have not sewn much, if at all.

TWO SPOOLS - I have pieced a few projects & am comfortable sewing with a 1/4" seam

THREE SPOOLS - I know my way around quilting.

Annette Ashback- Annette and her husband Steve have lived in Hamilton, Missouri four years. She took her first quilting class 45 years ago, learning to piece by hand and make templates from cardboard. Her love of quilting has continued to grow ever since. While recovering from a bad car accident and confined to a wheelchair, Annette questioned the new career choice she had been about to start. After reading the book, "Do What You Love..." and attending a seminar, she decided to take a different and life-changing direction. She started working in her local quilt shop part-time. Within a few years, she purchased a longarm and built a successful longarm quilting business and was teaching a wide variety of classes. Annette also enjoys gardening, jewelry making, cross-stitch, embroidery, punch needle and rug hooking. She loves books and listens to two or more audio books a week- while she is sewing or quilting, of course! However, it is her passion for quilting and teaching, sharing her skills and helping other quilters that she truly loves.

Courtenay Hughes- Courtenay has been quilting for over 30 years. She has no idea where her love for the craft comes from as her mother didn't even like to hem pants. She has worked and taught in several quilt shops. Her current position as head of the sewing team at Missouri Star Quilt Co is a perfect fit for her. Along with winning blue ribbons for several of her quilts, she has a class on the Craftsy forum called Luminous Lone Star. She has also been on several Facebook lives for Missouri Star Quilt Co, and has filmed several videos/classes for them. Courtenay lives in Hamilton, along with her husband of 22 years and 2 dogs and an old cat.

Dakota Redford- Dakota began sewing at a young age. She enjoyed making her own clothing, and found fabric to make matching shorts for all her t-shirts. One summer in middle school she and a friend tied dozens of whole cloth quilts to give away. Then she discovered her true love in sewing...making costumes. She continued doing this for many years and was awarded college scholarships for her costume making. Then in 2015 she was introduced to quilting and Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She has been quilting ever since. She has lots to learn, but loves to share her passion for sewing and now quilting with anyone who wants to take up the skill. She especially enjoys teaching children and first timers. When students finish their first project- the look on their faces is so fulfilling!

Classes are fun, affordable and right here at The Missouri Quilt Museum!

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