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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A few years ago we asked for donations of Fat Quarters. We received over 500!! It was amazing! We used all but 13 of those on projects throughout the museum including the floors in our orginal treadle hall as well as the gift shop and some faux wall exhibit displays. And then a few more came rolling in! We are just about to complete the next project with those donated fat quarters and I am silly with anticipation for you to see the HUGE Fat Quarter Suprise rolling along!

Just a few weeks ago another great fabric donation arrived at the museum. This time- yardage. Quite literally- A TON OF IT!! A giant stash in crazy quantity! We are so delighted to be able to use this fabric in a variety of ways.

FIRST- The majority of the fabric is slated to be used in our EDUCATION PROGRAM. The "Bessie Beginners", a tribute to Bessie Short, one of our very generous donors, enables residents of Hamilton and beyond to attend FREE sewing classes. The mission of these courses are to teach sewing basics.

We will learn to thread the machine, stitch forward, backward, cut fabric, clean the machine, etc. This fabric will enable students to make rice bags/bean bags, pillowcases and even quilts!

SECOND- We will be assembling a bundle of 3 one yard cuts that coordinate with one another to make one of many patterns of 3 yard cut quilts.

I will mention that our one yard cuts are ridiculously generous. Typically 38" x 52" or more! We have our volunteers cut them a little large, just in case the cut is a tad crooked! Most of the volunteers haven't used a rotary cutter, mat and ruler until now! These kits are available in our gift shop for just $15!! Selling these kits will give 100% proceeds to the museum to go back into our education program and museum expenses and events.

THIRD- In addition to 3 yard kits we will be selling FAT QUARTER MYSTERY BOXES!! These boxes each contain 30 FAT QUARTERS for only $40!! AMAZING DEAL! To sweeten the deal, right now we have FREE SHIPPING on those boxes!! Just like the one yard cuts, our fat Quarters are VERY generous in size. Typically 19" x 24"

Run on over to our GIFT SHOP in person or online and grab the deal and support a great cause at the same time!!

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