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Aloha- Wish We Were There!


In the month of June 2021 we will be pleased to welcome "Aloha, wish we were there" quilt exhibit by Dianne Harmon and Dinah to the museum galleries! This exhibit is colorful, fun and will make you wish you were in Hawaii!!

Just over a year ago Ryan and Dakota had the priveledge of meeting Dianne when she donated a long arm quilting machine to the museum. After fitting it out of a tiny window in her basement - she gave us a tour of her quilts on the main floor of her house. WOW! She is a talented quilter. We were blessed to learn that her sister Dinah is also a quilter! Together these two Missouri girls, in Dianne's basement sewing room (more like a sewing palace) make all kinds of tropical magic.

"We ordered the first Hawaiian pattern on a lark just to see if we could do it. Turns out… there’s not enough hours in the day, there’s no stopping us!

Thank you to the pattern designers for making these available. They are gorgeous no matter how we try to screw them up.

There are many books available on the origins of Hawaiian quilting and we would encourage everyone to jump in. "

After the tour Dakota asked Diane if she and Dinah would be willing to share their talents with us in a quilt gallery at the exhibit. They said it would be their honor. We are so excited to have them joining us June 2021.

Below are a few of the quilts that will be featured in their exhibit.

Dragonflies in Flight

pattern from Pacific Rim Quilt Company

Tulip Vases

pattern from Pacific Rim Quilt Company

Turtle Beach

pattern from Pacific Rim Quilt Company

Hawaiian Quilting Sampler

This pattern came from two different sources. Hawaiian Quilting by Elizabeth Root and Poakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion patterns and designs volumes 1-4.


LBQ-0225 (2009) from Edyta Sitar at Laundry Basket Quilts

We hope you can join us at the museum for "Aloho- Wish We Were There" June 2021 at the Missouri Quilt Museum in Hamilton Missouri.


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