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April Challenge

We are so excited for this dynamic duo

to go head to head in our April fundraiser!

No foolin' these two are

ready to ruuummmmble!

In the blue corner we have Miss Kelly Cline with Kelly Cline Quilting and in the red corner we have Miss Karen Miller with Redbird Quilt Co. Let's get to know our competitors a bit and what this challenge is all about!

This challenge is to see who can

influence or encourage their followers to

DONATE to the April Fundraiser

at the Missouri Quilt Museum.

Each competitor is given until April 30th to raise as many funds

as possible at their own links on our website!

Then, the WINNER will receive

an engraved brick with their company name on it,

AND they will have a


in the museum! How cool is that?!

BUT WAIT!!! There's more!

The donors get prizes too!? You betcha!

Each donor, who gives $10 or more

will receive FREE admission to the museum

and a $5 gift shop credit on their next visit!!

BUT WAIT!!! There's (EVEN) more!

AND each donor will be entered to


to be revealed later this month!!!

Grab your $10 and run to our website to throw your hat in the ring (for yourself and) for one of these two competitors!

But who should you choose???

These ladies are BOTH absolutely phenomenol and BOTH incredible cheerleaders for the museum. We will start by introducing Karen Miller- only because I met her first ;-)

Years ago I met Karen Miller on a park bench as she was eating barbeque right here in Hamilton. Instant friends! We clicked right away and conversation that was supposed to be in passing lasted well more than an hour. Bless her heart, she stopped eating to talk to me and by the time she finished both her beverage was flat and her dinner cold! What!? Sorry Karen! But that was the first of many conversations between the two of us and boy oh boy was God right on that one! She was the first business to support the Missouri Quilt Museum and literally has been on my side since before we even knew we would be on this wild ride. And when I say support - Karen has participated in more fundraising, and giving on her own, of the museum than ANY other. We can always count on and absolutely adore her! Love you Miss Karen.

Karen is a prolific and oh so knowledgable free motion quilter. She teaches classes and assisted people with their free motion skills for years. She is also an Aurifilosopher and teaches the importance of quality thread in our quilting projects. She even has her own thread line! Karen will love you like she loves me and teach you all you want to know about beginning or improving your free motion talent - even on a featherweight! Visit Karen's website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Now Miss Kelly, last but not least- these two are pretty remarkable women!

Kelly Cline and I crossed paths in 2022. A mutual friend in the quilting world connected us. Before we had ever met in person, I adored her. She is kind, positive and charitable. Immediately she grabbed on to how she could bless the Missouri Quilt Museum and ran an auction on her facebook to raise funds. And then- we collided- in person! And the devil cried! You would think we hang out every day for the bond that was instant (sound familiar). We immediately knew this friendship was soaring to the skies! Since then Kelly has organized a silent auction, a live auction and now helped me pull this April Challenge together - all in a few short weeks. Thank you Miss Kelly!

Kelly Cline Quilting

Kelly has been doing long arm quilting for over 10 years and just like Karen- girl can do some amazing free motion. Kelly has a love for fabrics antique and vintage - especially feed sacks - and loves to repurpose them into new items! Over the last few years she has created a stir teaching others how to do the same with pin cushions. You can sign up for her pre-recorded online pin cushion class. Or you can purchase one that she has made on her website. Watch closely, they sell out quickly. To know when new products are releasing follow her on Instagram and Facebook

As you can see, these ladies are FANTASTIC!

So if choose the RED CORNER or the BLUE CORNER

you will have made the right choice!

Thank you everyone for your support of the Missouri Quilt Museum! The museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and all funds raised will directly support the operating costs of the museum. Our mission is to depict the history of quilting and sewing in North America by offering visual and interactive opportunities that educate and engage visitors in experiences that encourage an active interest in quilting and sewing.

And remember there will be a

BONUS PRIZE announcement

later this month...stay tuned!

All my heart, dear friends


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