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Butterfly Trail

What is better than a field full of a variety of brightly colored wildflowers?

Not much I tell you.

However, when that field of flowers is gently kissed by hundreds of butterflies- it's better. Much better! It will melt your heart and knock your socks off at the same time. AND allow you to relax too!

We have just the place in Hamilton- our new butterfly park!

The park has been in the works for a couple of years now. A few local residents, business owners, and city alderman have been working side by side in this grass roots effort. A whole lot of sun, sweat and dirt and wouldn't you know, little by little we are getting it done! The field of wildflowers is amazing; acre upon acre with a rainbow of colors!

And then it happened- the butterflies! Not just the ones in your tummy either!! They are magnificent and sweet as they gently bounce from one flower to the next. Carried ever so slightly by the breeze and the ever so suddle up and down of their wing. The butterflies showed up in droves- all summer long!

Fall air is coming. The leaves are beginning to change. Soon, the butteflies will leave us for this season. But Spring is just a short 6 months away and they will be back and we will be waiting!!

We cannot help but look forward to their return, even before they have left us. We will be ready with a Butterfly Trail Quilt Exhibit. This vibrant and colorful exhibit is a collection of quilts from hands that made that Butterfly Park in town a reality! That's right, the residents of Hamilton are a people of many talents!!

The Butterfly Trail exhibit will open to the public in May and run through the end of June. With over a dozen quilts in the collection it will ignite the power of Spring in your mind and take you to the world of the butterfly and all of their tranquility.

Join us in May and June at the park, at the museum and in Hamilton!!

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