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Celebrating Quilters: Janelle Segari

My name is Janelle Segari from Warsaw Missouri. This quilt is named: Sheryl’s Last Lesson My sister, Sheryl, loved to sew. She was always working on something. In January 2013 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. In May 2013, she passed away. On a weekend in September, I met with her children to clean out her sewing room. What we discovered was she was extremely organized with all of her fabric stored by colors and neatly folded. We also found her tube of lipstick and comb in her desk in case someone came to the door while she was sewing, so she could look good. We also found a bunch of squares cut out for a quilt along with the pattern. Her kids know that I sew so they asked me if I could complete. I didn’t hesitate and replied “yes”. Little did they know, I had never quilted. So taking the squares and pattern home, I began my quilting journey. I read articles online but a better learner with a teacher. I found a local lady who taught me the basics. Once I had that knowledge, I began to put my sister’s quilt together. It was a journey but it came together. Once done, I quilted on my home machine. Although some seams didn’t come together and tension issues while quilting, I completed my first quilt. I felt that because of Sheryl, I found my new hobby. Today, I am retired and love to quilt. All of my quilts are made with love and gifted to family and friends. I love the process of completing a quilt from beginning to end so much that I purchased a long arm. As of now, Sheryl’s quilt is still I’m my possession but it will be given back to her children in the future. A quilt with so much love and memories will be cherished forever.

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