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Charitable Giving: Reusable Masks

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The Missouri Quilt Museum is spearheading an effort to get quilters and sewists worldwide to make face masks for their local hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, jails, etc.

There are a large variety of mask tutorials and patterns online. You may consider checking with local agencies as to the style of masks needed.

At this time, the agencies in NW Missouri are accepting ANY and ALL styles and types of masks. We just need A LOT!!

In Hamilton Missouri we have set up a common drop off station at

Hotel Hamilton

703 West Berry St.

Hamilton, MO 64644

We have arranged with local hospitals and agencies for deliveries to fulfill their needs. We will sanitize the masks before delivery.

Other communities can set up similar drop-off points. We are encouraging you to contact your local emergency management director or City Administrators as to how you can help in your area. If nothing has been arranged so far in your area we will accept masks shipped to us at the same address listed above.

We are doing our best to find drop off locations around the country.

PLEASE DO NOT just drop into hospitals without making contact first. They don't need extra people stopping in throughout the day. Be organized and work together with those that can get the masks to where they are needed the most, in the safest way possible.

The goal, nationwide, is to have 100M of these in the hands of healthcare providers by the end of the weekend.


Here is a tutorial from Hamilton's very own Jenny Doan on an easy mask.



This tutorial can easily be changed out for fabric ties instead of the elastic bands. EASY!!

To make the 12" fabric ties...

1. Cut 4 pieces of fabric 1.5" x 13"

2. Fold each piece in half lengthwise with right sides of fabric facing each other.

3. Sew a 1/4" seam along the long end and ONE short end.

4. Turn the fabric "tube" inside out.

5. Press flat

6. Tuck each tie into one of the corners with the raw edge lining up with the outer edge of fabric mask, leaving the "tie" inside for when you flip the mask inside out. (Just like Jenny does with the elastic in the video).

This tutorial has also been made available by Deaconess Hospital in Minnesota:

CONTACT Dakota Redford 435-849-2564 or Bob Hughes 303-345-4380 with questions/drop off locations, etc.

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