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Hand Made Quilt Block Soap

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We are delighted to now offer these clean and fresh quilt blocks in our gift shop. It really doesn't get any better than this!

Quilt block soaps from Soap Escape not only look amazing, they smell divine!! Made with the best quality ingredients, this soap will look adorable in every guest bathroom and make incredible gifts for each of your quilting friends!

All of these soaps are made with a goat milk base. They have an incredible lather and leave your skin incredibly moisturized and smooth. Try one or two today!!

We are currently featuring 4 AWESOME soap scents for the holidays!


Winter Wonderland is a sweet smell of Christmas with hints of orange, green apple, peppermint and cloves. A beautiful blend that screams of the perfect holiday adventure!

Nothing says Christmas quite like Peppermint Stick. A quick sniff of this sweet soap will invite the nostalgia of those red and white canes hanging from the tree! And how cute is this soap!!

The soft and gentle blend of cranberries, grapefruit, fig and orange are subtle and perfect in Cape Cod Cranberry Orange. A wonderful scent for any time of year, but amazing at Christmas.

Vermont Pear Tree will surely calm your heart and relax your mind. Reminding us to take a deep breath and take it all in, as if you were in the back country of Vermont. Cool, crisp tones of sugars and Blue Spruce, this soap is just what you need this season.

Having trouble choosing?! We can't blame you. Try a variety of soap scents in our Holiday Gift Pack!

We love these soaps so much! A few scents that I love any time of year are available on the site as well.....

There are some scents that warm my heart all year round. I find just that in Tuscan Harvest. A incredible combination of ginger, fig, caramel, cinnamon, coffee, apple and lemon bring your heart home.

Milk Honey Morning is a year round favorite! Simple and comfortable this soap is just what I like to wake up too! The scent of creamy milk and sweet honey come through beautifully with the combination of honey, oats, vanilla, cocoa, amber and powder blend.

Another great one... Almond Valley Bee. One of the most basic but breathtaking blends of almond and honey. This soap creates a wonderful soap for every day!

If you love the idea of Adorable Quilt Block soap in your life, but would prefer something unscented...we have just the thing!! Plain Jane is your girl! She has all the beauty, the lather and moisturizing features of all of our other soaps AND is unscented.

Visit our gift shop today to doll up your guest room or treat yourself to this hand crafted Quilt Block soap from Soap Escape!

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