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Farewell to 2021

What a fantastic year it has been!! We are so grateful to have had so many fantastic visitors to the museum this year. We enjoyed guests from every state in the United States plus a few friends from around the world!

This year we have seen amazing exhibits come and go in the museum. We look forward to 2022! But before we go, let's look back on 2021 and a few of the highlights....

  • Reopening in May was such a great feeling. 2 full floors to peruse and enjoy.

  • Crazy Quilts Galore

  • Underground Railroad Quilt and story

  • Butterfly Quilts from Hamilton makers

  • The twins bringing their Hawaiian Quilts and then back again celebrating with Christmas Quilts!!

  • Pat Kuhns and her Miniature quilts on miniature beds

  • Bob Ross from Cherrywood Challenge

  • Jenny Doan and Block Magazine feature

  • Fick Family Quilt Collection

  • Adding the 3rd floor too!! Yes, please!

  • Cat Nix and her family quilts

  • Halloween under the black light

  • Einstein

  • Celebrity Signature Quilt

  • World War Quilts and Symbols

  • and of course we loved the donation from the Powers Museum in Carthage-- what a treasure!

  • As always, we absolutely appreciate the quilts that we are blessed to showcase from the National Quilt Museum in Paducah. If you haven't seen their gallery - you are missing out!

If you thought this year was good, we cannot wait to see your eyes light up in 2022!

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