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Hamilton Community Garden

One of the great new additions to the Museum Block is the Hamilton Community Garden. Founder, Dakota Redford felt it important to provide a place for members of the community to grow their own produce.

"Our purpose is to encourage and inspire community members to grow their own vegetables and fruit." Redford said. "We will facilitate and assist with members to grow gardens within our community by connecting with one another to provide knowledge, resources and space within our community garden itself. "

Citizens are invited to care for their own garden space and harvest what they produce within that space. Garden bed adoption is free and open for anyone within 25 miles of the city of Hamilton Missouri.

"Our hope is that anyone who desires to grow a garden will have the opportunity to do so." she said. "We also know that when one works within the garden space, it unites people and provides the feeling of belonging within the community".

All gardeners are asked to volunteer some time each year (2-3 hours) for the maintenance of the garden site itself. Common areas and shared resources (beds for Food Pantry) are maintained by community garden members.

"By having beds dedicated to our local food pantry we can bless those that cannot produce for themselves." Redford added.

There are a few organized ‘work days’. Tasks include weeding paths, patching hoses, and cleaning up abandoned gardens. Attending work days is a great way to meet other gardeners by working alongside them. It is also a great time

to have your gardening questions and problems addressed.

March 27th 11am – 3pm: Building raised beds April 3rd 11am – 3pm: Building grow beds/filling beds April 10th 9am-1pm: Finishing beds, establishing walkways April 17th: First day to plant in 2021

Gardeners are also encouraged to spend time in the main areas of the garden each time you visit/care for your assigned growing space.

To learn more about the community garden or to apply for your garden space please click here Or apply in person at Hamilton City Hall or Christa Horne, American Family Insurance.

The Hamilton Community Garden is located on the corner of Arthur and Ewing in the "Museum Block" at the Missouri Quilt Museum.

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