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Now Accepting Donations!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

We are asking for your help to collect items to put in the museum. We currently have dozens of antique sewing machines, over 500 antique toy sewing machines, antique quilts, vintage irons, buttons and so much more. But we need your help to bring in more items. Let us know if you have something you'd like to donate or put on loan at the museum. Maybe your grandma's old sewing machine that was used to make your school clothes? We love items with stories behind them. Visit us at for more information.

Antique sewing machines, including a working toy treadle

We are also looking for Hamilton Missouri related items and specifically items that relate to our building. The north end of the building will be dedicated to a FREE Hamilton museum put together by the community. Let us know if you have something to offer!

You can mail or bring your items to: 4011 NW State Hwy P, Hamilton, MO 64644

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