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How do you view the earth?

Each day we can look out our window and see the earth in a different light. The sounds, the colors, the seasons all play a part in what we see. We can drive down the road a couple of hours and those sights and sounds give us a different taste of the earth that may give us another perspective.

Astronaut, Dr Karen Nyberg, loved looking out the window (cupola) of the International Space Station. She had no idea before heading to space, however, how much that would change her perspective.

After returning to the ground on earth, Karen took another of her passions- art and quilting to create a fabric line depicting the photos she took from the Cupola. Teaming up with Robert Kauffman, Karen's line "Earth Views" came to light.

Karen selected images from her Earth Views and created them in FABRIC!! Here are a few samples of her photos next to the finished fabric.

I love that Karen has brought a view point from space for each of us, that we can create beautiful projects with. Below is the Earth Views fabric line made into a beautiful star quilt.

Karens work caught the eye of Smithsonian Magazine. No surprises there! I love that Karens passion for art and sewing is also sharing her passion of space!

We are delighted to showcase many of Karen's experiences in art, space and science at the museum this summer. Join us May- August 2023 for an out of this world experience!

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