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Into the Wild!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The National Quilt Museum, of Paducah Kentucky, has 20 NEW quilts on display inside the Missouri Quilt Museum! Each quarter we receive new quilts for exhibition. These quilts will have you 'soaring' with excitement!

(Migration #2, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Oswego Illinois)

Take a few steps down the red carpet of the gallery and you will stand in awe before entering the rest of the way to view these magnificent pieces of art! Absolutely breathtaking! The current exhibit features quilts of "Into the Wild: Creature Quilts".

We look forward to having you visit the museum and experience the greatness of artists from around the world!

In April of 2019, Dakota received a call from Frank Bennett, CEO of The National Quilt Museum. He wanted to chat about helping us along our journey in creating the Missouri Quilt Museum. After she picked her jaw up off the floor- a trip to Paducah was scheduled to meet and discuss.

The 5 hour journey from Hamilton to Paducah for our Board of Directors was spectacular. We had a lot of fun, but we could never have been prepared for what was next.

After a private back scenes tour of The National Quilt Museum we were invited into Franks office where we learned that he wanted to support our efforts in Hamilton. Frank and the staff have been a vital part of our growth and knowledge as we took on this endeavor.

(Arabesque, Patricia Cambell, Dallas Texas)

We are more than delighted to have a few quilts each quarter from the permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum. This new exhibit will be here for just a few months. Don't miss out!!

Artists and Quilts in this Gallery Exhibit are as follows:

Arabesque, Patricia Campbell of Dallas, Texas

Barking up the Wrong Tree, Sharon Malec of West Chicago, Illinois

Birds of Paradise, Patricia Campbell of Dallas, Texas

Buffalo Magic, Barbara P Moore of Shelburn, Vermont

But Can He Sing?, Roberta Williams of Bayside, Wisconsin

Feathered Friends, Carolyn Johnson & Wilma Johnson of Symsonia, Kentucky

Fire Dragon Rhapsody, Ricky Tims of La Veta, Colorado

Flowers of the Crown, Shirley P Kelly of Colden, New York

Garden Party, Faye Anderson of Boulder, Colorado

Goato and Friends, Barbara Barber of Andover, Hants, England

Great American Elk, Chuzuko Hana Hill of Garland, Texas

Javanese Jungle, Audree L Sells of Chaska, Minnesota

Mariposas Mi Amigas, stitched by Gail Garber, Donna Barnitz, Afton Warwick of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Quilted by Kris Viera, Lincoln, Nebraska

Migration #2, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry of Oswego, Illinois

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Laura Heine of Billings, Montana

Petroglyph, Patricia L Styring of St Augustine, Florida

Phoenix Rising, Nancy Clark of Phoenix, Arizona

Serenity II: Life in My Pond, Donna Duchesne Garofalo of North Windom, Connecticut

Sun Bathing Blue Tit, Inge Mardall and Steen Hougs of Chantilly, France

The Beginnings, Dawn Amos of Rapid City, South Dakota

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