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Jenny is in the HOUSE!

That is right! Miss Jenny Doan has a gallery

featuring all of her quilts from BLOCK Volume 6 Issue 6

Now, I will admit that the cardboard cutout of Jenny isn't the real deal.

But, that doesn't mean when I'm opening the museum and walk down the

hall and see another person standing there it doesn't make my heart pound a little.

Who am I kidding!? Jenny always makes my heart pound! I LOVE JENNY! She is a dear friend and has always been so kind and supporting of our family and the museum!

Now back to the quilts! I am so delighted to have this exhibit on our main floor gallery. It will be with us until the end of this year and it is awesome!

All the quilts for BLOCK magazine Volume 6 Issue 6 (Fall 2019). See them up close, peruse the issue of BLOCK, take home a copy of the famous Chili recipe inside! AND, you can pick up a copy of BLOCK in the gift shop for only $6!! Woohoo!

10 patterns, great stories and of course Miss Jenny!!

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