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Museum Classes

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The quarter one classes for 2023 at The Missouri Quilt Museum are listed on the website and almost all of them still have room for sign ups!

Hamilton is hopping all year long with shopping, retreats and instruction! A Quilters Dream Stop- Hamilton is sure to leave you wanting more! We are helping with the "more" by offering after hours and weekend classes at the museum.

Enhance your quilting knowledge and sharpen your sewing skills with one of our many instructors. Or learn a completely new skill!

How about taking on applique? Or a new pattern - like Lonestar? Or learning to long arm quilt!? We have the classes for you!

Each class is rated by difficulty:

(One Spool)

I have not sewn much, if at all.

(Two Spools)

I have pieced a few projects and am comfortable sewing with a 1/4" seam

(Three Spools)

I know my way around quilting

Choose the classes that work best for you!

Visit our website at

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