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National Sewing Machine Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Monday June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day. We want to celebrate!

Our FIRST item to celebrate will be Master Educator at Aurifil, sharing thread education! Your machine will thank you and you will fall in LOVE with Aurifil thread. For only a $25 donation, you can sign up for the online ZOOM class here.

For most people reading this post, sewing is a HUGE part of our lives. Many of you sew regularly, maybe even for hours every day! It is definitely something to celebrate!

I grew up assisting my mom, an incredible sewist, in making my clothing. We made shorts or skirts to match every t-shirt that I owned. We made Christmas dresses and Easter dresses and sun dresses and costumes, oh the costumes! I even got a scholarship for sewing costumes!

I made lots of whole cloth quilts as a kid and tied them. I wasn't introduced to pieced quilting until much later in life. It is my favorite type of sewing now!

No matter the type of sewing that you do, you most likely do it because you love it! It fulfils your urge to create! It blesses you and those around you!

Celebrate however you'd like this week leading up to National Sewing Machine Day, but for me it means I will be sewing a quilt!

SEE the beautiful newsletter from Aurifil about this event.

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