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Newsletter 2022, Issue One

Well Hello ~ and Welcome to January 2022! We have got some bright ideas headed your way. Stay tuned as we share them month by month over the next year.

Last year was a wonderful at the museum. We were blessed to reopen our doors after being closed for almost a year and a half. When the doors opened it was to more square footage than we had previously - and somehow (amazing donations of every kind) we have filled it up! Each room and exhibit breaths life of days gone by, wonderful stories of wonderful people and exquisite quilting!!

In this issue:






We have just two weeks left to enjoy the beautiful nativities and Christmas quilts that hang around the museum. Over 250 nativities on display from our Curator, Dakota Redford's collection. Would you believe she left a bunch at home? She promises that next year, they will also be on display. Although she says "I have to have a few at home!!" This collection spans more than 20 years of collecting and come from all parts of the world. There are fun ones too, of course! She doesn't turn down a nativity that smiles back at her!


A new exhibit to the museum this month is the Signature Quilt exhibit "What's in a Name?" In this exhibit we explore quilts that are more than 100 years old and some that were made in the last decade. What do they have in common? Signatures. The names on these quilts speak to us and tell us a story of where they've been and what brought them together. What is their relation? Stop and read, take a deep breath in and then listen. Let them speak to you.

And then we have: BUCKET LIST TOURS

We are so excited for this one!! Woohoo! The board of the Missouri Quilt Museum has created Quilters Dream Tours. and boy oh boy are they onto something with this one. A bucket list tour of our quilting dreams. Quilt Town, USA to Quilt City, USA. You got it! These trips will start in Kansas City and take us to Hamilton, Missouri - Home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company and Missouri Quilt Museum, of course! then on to - Hannibal Missouri, Home of Mark Twain and the famous Steamboat Dinner Cruise , yes we are going there and of course Hickory Stick and Bits n Pieces Quilt Shops! Then we head to none other then Paducah Kentucky - Home of the National Quilt Museum and Hancock Fabrics. On our way back to Kansas City we will stop at beloved Jackman's Fabrics in St Louis! There is quite a bit in between all that, but we thought we would just wet your appetite. This is going to be a fantastic trip (there are 5 scheduled for 2022) and we sure hope to have you join us!


We have always been aware of our need to have an elevator, but as guests came this past year, we were saddened when a few of friends couldn't come inside, due to mobility issues. This absolutely breaks our hearts. We did not go to all this work and create this beautiful museum to have some that are left out!! NO WAY!!

We have launched a fundraiser specifically to raise funds for the elevator!! Karen Miller kicked us off quite nicely this past fall with a Trunk Show during Missouri Star's Birthday Bash. In just 2 hours she raised over $1,100!! WOWSERS Karen, thank you!

In addition to her funding we have received another $1,000 from friends and guests on Facebook during Giving Tuesday. And then a very generous donation came from the Mike Short Trust, and it got us almost half way there!!! Mike and Bessie Short loved children. They worked hard to provide for and volunteer in children's programs throughout their life. Bessie was also a quilter. She taught MANY people to quilt and absolutely loved the art! The trustees knew that Bessie and Mike would be honored to help others enjoy the art of quilting by assisting with our Elevator Project. We look forward to making the building accessible for all. Hopefully in the near future!

Bessie and Mike also contributed to another little project we are working on. We will tell you about it in next months newsletter.

Thank you for all that you do to love and support the museum. We only exist with friends and guests and your generous contributions and admissions to the museum. Thank you and God Bless.

Missouri Quilt Museum Board

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