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Only in Your State

Many of our board members subscribe to the newsletter at Only In Your State is a fun website with great articles and information for locals and tourists alike.

They often feature great hiking locations, serene fields of flowers, amazing restaurants and concerts and activities around the state.

Imagine our surprise this morning when we opened this mornings newsletter to find an article on The World's Largest Spool of Thread!! How cool is that!?

When Ryan and I chose to build the spool we hoped it would be a fun photo opportunity for those that visit Hamilton. We are so happy to see that it is also a fun stop for locals on a short drive or to stop and have a picnic under the shade of the trees just feet from the spool.

We are excited to announce an outdoor picnic spot will become a permanent feature near the World's Largest Spool at the Missouri Quilt Museum! This will be a wonderful addition to all the exciting things happening in Hamilton and at the Museum Block.

Thank you to Only in Your State! We appreciate your wonderful article.


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