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Raffle Quilt

A few weeks ago, Janet Yamamoto walked into the museum and asked "If I made a quilt and donated it for you to raffle off, would you be interested?" Uhhh YES!!!

Not even two weeks later she walked in the front door of the museum again, but this time with this beauty completely finished. STUNNING!!

Galaxies and Stars

by Janet Yamamoto for the 2021 Missouri Quilt Museum fundraiser raffle.

Janet owns Whispers of Yore Quilt Shop here in Hamilton. She specializes in custom quilting. And boy oh boy does she know her stuff! Janet is incredibly talented and you would be blessed to have the priveledge to have a quilt finished by her.

Janet's shop is just one block behind the Missouri Star Quilt Company main shop. A cute yellow house on the corner. You would be doing yourself a favor to stop in there next time you come to Hamilton.

Purchase Your Raffle Tickets on our website gift shop

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