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Shooting for the stars!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Where can your dreams take you? Coming this May we will adventure into an exhibit that is truly out of this world.

As young child, Karen was fascinated and inspired by the first female NASA astronauts and decided she too wanted to go to space! Dedicating herself to her dream, she tooks steps every day toward that goal. By focusing on her education and her ultimate goal she looks back now with admiration for those first American female astronauts and proudly belongs to their same "club". Talk about shooting for the stars!

Dr Karen Nyberg has been to space twice! She had the great privledge of living on the International Space Station for 6 months in 2013. She spent her time there in research, discovery, documenting her experiences and occassionally recreation - including making a star quilt block! Karen has always sewing since a young child and is enjoying enhancing her skills, most recently art quilting- and she is phenomenal in everything she touches ~ science and engineering, space, art, the earth and in her greatest passion- her family!

Photo of Karen in her quilting studio.

Her personal art quilts depicting her husband and son grace the wall behind her.

NASA and Quilts Inc. collaborated to invite others to join Karen in creating star blocks, which ultimately concluded with over 28 finished Queen size quilts!!

Karen's block is the blue star with red and white stripes in the center. It is surrounded by blocks from all over the world!

We are delighted to host her exhibit- again sharing the quilts from the Astronomical Star Block Challenge- and the story behind it. We will also explore Karen's personal art, sewists at NASA, sustainability, goal setting and achieving our dreams!

Join us at The Missouri Quilt Museum this summer May-July to participate in this out of this world exhibit!

Learn more about Karen and her story in this interview in TEXTILE TALKS by the Quilt Alliance

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