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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

“Show Me Your Hamilton” Quilt Contest

Show Dates: April 15 - May 31, 2021

Hamilton, Missouri holds a special place in the heart of thousands. Our hometown Hamilton Hornets bring us great pride as does our rich history of community, love and friendship. Throughout the years Hamilton has continually left its mark on the map. A bustling community with railroad connections brought visitors to Hamilton in the early years. JC Penney was raised here and left his stamp in farming, entrepreneurship, hard work and all around goodness. Visitors again are coming to Hamilton, recently dubbed Quilt Town USA, to shop and explore in those same buildings of old; restored and renovated by Missouri Star Quilt Company. No matter what originally ignited your love for Hamilton - we continue to live, love and welcome all who enter our community.

What does Hamilton mean to you? Show your passion for this bustling small town by entering the “Show Me Your Hamilton” Quilt Contest.

DATE OF SHOW: April 15 - May 31, 2021.

Quilts will be judged and awarded in the following areas:

· 1st place, $400 · 2nd place $250 · 3rd place $150

· Community Spirit, $100 · Hamilton History, $100 · Quilt Town, USA, $100 · People’s Choice $100

Contest Rules & Guidelines

1. Entry fee of $40 (non-refundable), includes admission to the Missouri Quilt Museum during the show, and a Show Me Your Hamilton t-shirt as well as a 10% discount in the museum gift shop. This price also includes return USPS shipping at the end of the exhibit.

2. Quilts must be received by the Missouri Quilt Museum on or before April 11, 2021 to be included in judging. We are not responsible for packages that do not make it to us on time. Please check with your shipping company on arrival dates prior to shipping any quilts to the contest. Return shipping through USPS is included for each entry. If you would rather you can bring your quilt in person before February 15, 2021, please contact us at to arrange a time to drop off. Picking up your quilt should be arranged prior to June 5, 2021. Any remaining quilts will be packaged for shipping at that time. Quilts are return shipped in the same packaging they arrive in.

3. Quilts must not exceed 80” length x 80 width”

4. A minimum 3” sleeve must be attached to the top of each quilt.

5. All quilts must include a label with the following information: · Name of person who pieced it. · Name of person who quilted it. · Name of Quilt. · Description of quilt. · Where quilt was created.

6. Any technique and/or embellishments are allowed in this contest.

7. A photography release (found on entry form) signed by the makers of each quilt must accompany each quilt. This release allows Missouri Quilt Museum to use photographs of each quilt for the purposes of marketing in print, electronic or otherwise.

8. Quilts will be displayed from April 15, 2021 – May 31,2021 at the Missouri Quilt Museum. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE PERMISSION.... Some quilts will be shown in an open air environment, under a canopy, while others will be displayed inside the galleries. A staff volunteer will be outside with the quilts at all times when on display. Quilts will be taken down each evening and put back up the following morning. In case of inclement weather the quilts will be moved inside to display. There will be no more than 10 open air dates during the show. Preference for these purposes can be selected on the entry form. Quilts with an "indoor only" permission will ONLY be hung indoor for the duration of the contest.

9. All quilts will be judged by a volunteer panel, before the exhibit opens on April 15. The People’s Choice award will be awarded after tallying all votes received for each quilt thru May 29, 2021. Announcement ceremony will begin on May 31 at 3pm, in the Founders Gallery inside the museum.

10. Any makers who would like to donate their contest piece to the MQM will need to fill out a Loan to Sell Affidavit. Please write DONATE in the Sales Price location. Donors will receive a tax donation form emailed to them by June 30, 2021. Donated quilts will be kept in MQM permanent collection.

11. Entrants may send their quilt with an attached sale price, as long as it is accompanied with a signed Loan to Sell Affidavit. MQM will take a 20% commission from any sold quilts. Any quilts sold during the exhibit will be shipped to their buyers at the close of the show AND before June 10, 2021. A check for the sale amount (minus the 20%) will be sent to the seller on or before June 30, 2021.






Checklist of items to include in packaging:

Quilt Label


Sell Affidavit (only for quilts for sale or donation)

Entry Fee paid HERE

(or send a CHECK with your package)

For questions please call Dakota at 435-849-2564.


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