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Tammy Reid - Red, White, & Blue Quilt Collection

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The Queen of Kansas City is back!!

Her red, white and green quilts graced the Redford gallery for fall and Christmas 2022. We are delighted to, once again, be hosting Tammy Reid and her antique quilt collection featuring "Patriotic Quilts of America- Red White and Blue!"

Tammy Reid is the wife to Coach Andy Reid of this years Super Bowl Champions, The Kansas City Chiefs. But she refers to herself as "The Head Coach of the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs!"

Tammy has been collecting antique quilts for over 30 years. From yard sales and thrift stores to antique shops to ebay bidding, she has a slight addiction! One that we sit back and applaud!

Although Tammy loves all vintage quilts, she often gravitates to two genres. Red White and Green, and Red White and Blue. She's not even sure how many she has, due to always adding to her collection.

Tammy also enjoys quilting and has made many baby quilts (and their double) and a smaller version to go in the car, etc. for each of her grandchildren. She also other handwork arts including her current favorite needlepoint.

A few of the quilts that you will enjoy to see during your visit are below...

Left to right TOP ROW: Pinwheel star, eight pointed star, broken star

BOTTOM ROW: (modern) applique, bordered eight pointed scrappy star, liberty star.

This exhibit is open until September 2023

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