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The Heart of a Quilter

It has been said, time and time again, that Quilter's have big hearts. And, here we are proving it AGAIN!!

Over the past 10 days we have seen a shift in America. There have been thousands upon tens of thousands of sewists who have stepped up to the plate to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their country. It has absolutely blown me away. I knew, from the beginning, that there would be great response from the followers of Missouri Quilt Museum on our blog and our Facebook page. What you have accomplished is nothing short of miraculous!

All across the nation, as word spread quickly home sewing "she shed's" became overnight "charity rooms". Hospitals making mask requests, new mask patterns created every day, ingenuity and creativity being born!

At first, I had every intention of heading this thing up. For making all the contacts and arranging all the drop off points; making sure everyone was covered. I quickly realized not only was this WAY bigger than one person or even one organization could tackle- I realized I didn't have too. All across the country hundreds of drop off points just happened. Good people taking care of people. SERVING ONE ANOTHER. This is what AMERICA truly means. IT IS THE DEFINITION!

By the weekend I linked up with more than 100 Facebook pages that had been created specifically for mask making!! No prompts from anyone, except good ole Americans stepping up to the plate to help. AMAZING!

What I didn't expect was the email in my inbox Friday evening... a message from the associated press asking how this all got started. They had seen it on twitter. What? We don't even have a twitter account. But someone shared what we were doing on twitter and it just spurred from there! WOW! Here is the kind article that we were included in by DeeAnn from the AP.

There have been dozens, if not hundreds of articles written since about what you all have been accomplishing. Here are just two of my favorites from the past few days...


WAY TO GO!! I am so proud to be an American. To see how we, as brothers and sisters, WILL step up and take care of one another!!

Oh yeah, and then there's this... it made me proud!!

See a Need. Fill A Need. See the Good. Share the Good.

God Bless!

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