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Third floor is almost done!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The third floor of the museum opened this past week and we have had a great reception! (Now to get that elevator!!)

The first exhibit to be featured on the third floor is of fabric and pattern designer Cat Nix. She curated the exhibit herself including quilts and stories from her family history as well as quilts from her years as a quilter. 4 generations of quilters represented. Thank you Cat!

We recently received the Powers family quilt collection from the Powers Museum in Carthage Missouri. It too, can be found on the third floor. And it is a stunner!! You will love these antique beauties. Needle turn applique and a monogram that will melt your heart!

A pixelated quilt of Einstein made by Anne Wadley of Oregon is both suprising and astonishing. And, you may learn a little about this awesome inventor! Also, a scrap quilt using selvedge edge. Yes please.

Coming soon- What is in a Name? signature quilt exhibit and also Halloween at the Booseum- Come see the third floor come to life!

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