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Women's Suffrage

In late July we received the Women's Suffrage exhibit from Dakota County Quilters in Eagan Minnesota. Quilts and literature all celebrating the Right for Women to Vote. What a beautiful tribute!

The guild chose to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Women's Right to Vote in quilts. In 1919 women all across the country were striving to receive the right to vote. They protested, they marched and they achieved. The 19th ammendment was born! And for the first time women voted in our nations elections!

We received 36 small quilts. Some of them declared "She VOTED" or "I VOTED", while others showed pictures of women that assisted with this great movement.

The month of August flew by with these beauties hanging in our gallery. We are so glad we had the priveledge of hosting the works of these wonderful artists to celebrate a great time in our history. Thank you to the quilters of Dakota County Quilters. Our volunteers, board members and museum guests all appreciate your tribute!

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