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Celebrating Quilters: Liz Granberg

Three Artists in Bloom: A Quilt of a Painting of a Quilt

Finished at ~33x33".

This project was the result of meeting virtual friends in person and sharing our passion for art. Susan Kruse made an original quilt for her quilting group's 25th anniversary that had 25 fabrics, 25 buttons, 25 charms, and was a spectacular art piece! This quilt was borrowed by Nancy Lee Moran to use as the backdrop for her still-life oil painting. After seeing the process of making a Hexified Panel Quilt at a workshop with another of Nancy's paintings printed on fabric, Nancy asked if I would like to make one with one of her paintings as well. I said yes and requested the still life painting with Susan's quilt in the background to be printed by onto Kona cotton for me, which I used to create this hexified panel quilt. I even incorporated the same twisted blocks in the border that Susan had used in her original art quilt. We had the opportunity to meet for lunch together and had our picture taken with all three of our original pieces!

Liz custom quilted her wall hanging on her sit-down HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen. This quilt won a blue ribbon and Grand Champion at the 2021 Douglas County (KS) Fair and a blue ribbon and Division Champion at the 2021 Kansas State Fair.

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